The Cuke of the Year for The Worst Movie of The Year

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Cuke of the Year 2020



From now on you can cuke (suggest) movies and vote for them.

All movies have to be released since 2019/01/01. You will find the release

dates on

You can cuke as many different movies as you want to but you can only vote for each film once in every submission.


The winner of the Cuke of the Year 2020 will be presented on a Place tba.

You can follow us on Facebook. Needless to say that the results will be presented also here on the website.


What is a submission?

Submissions are suggestions (Cukings) for the worst movie of the year, the „Cuke of the Year“ which are the results of propositions from the users.

How can I cuke a film?

Enter the title of the movie into the searchwindow. Chose the film from the suggestions and press the „Cuke it“ button.

How many films may I cuke?

As many as you want.

Which films may I cuke?

All professional productions released in a defined time frame. The movies have to be enlisted on

For submission 2020 the time frame was from 2020 until DATE. All films released in this time frame which did not participate in the last years contest can be cuked again. If you are not sure enter the release date in your country (see Porn, advertising and rightist extremist content are excluded.

How long can I cuke films?

Until May 2020. Watch out for the exact date on this website.

The movie I want to cuke was released in the defined time frame but it

is not in the search window. Why?

Please enter the English title of the film or copy the IMDB link (such as ) you want to cuke into the search


The film i cuked was removed from the admin. Why?

Because it was not released in the define time frame, was not a professional production, a porn, an advertisement or a film with rightist extremist content.

I have cuked a movie, why can't I vote for it?

If cuking during one submission counts as vote already. Your vote for this film was already registered, you can’t vote twice for the same movie.

How many films may I vote for?

You can vote for every film once during a submission.

Until when may I vote for films?

Until March 2020. Watch out for the exact date here on the website.


Who will be nominated for the worst movie?

Nomitated for the worst movie of the year the „Cuke of the Year“ will be the

ten films out of the current submission with the most votes.

When will I know which ten films are nominated for 2020?

Watch out here on the website.

May I vote again in the nomination phase?


May I vote again for a film I voted already in the submission phase?


Will the votings from the submission transferred to the votings of the top 10 in the nomination?

No. The counter will be set to zero. All ten nominated films have the chance for the „Cuke of the Year“

Why can I vote only for one film in the nomination phase?

Out of the ten nominated films should the „Cuke of the Year“ come off as the winner. Therefore every user has only one vote in nomination phase.

May I vote for the same movie more than once during nominationphase?


Why is it impossible to see which film is number one in the ranking?

The winner will be presented on a place tba.

Where an when is the award bestowal of the „Cuke of the Year“ 2020?


How and where can I see the winner of the „Cuke of the Year“?

Visit the award bestowal (date and place tba). Follow us on Facebook. Watch out here on the website and see our videos on Youtube from all award bestowals!

Reviews / Comments

If a cuke a movie do I have to leave a comment?

No. Writing a review is optional. Only write a comment if you know exactly

what made you angry about that movie.

How do I write a review?

Detail about things that made you angry in the movie. Omit all personally offense to directors or actors. You may refer to earlier reviews but omit all

offense to the author.

May I write a positive comment?

Sure. If a film was cuked you which is good in your opinion you may defend it in your review. But do not forget to write down why you think this film is good and which things you liked in it. You may refer to old reviews also.

May I discuss with other users about the comments?

No. We are not a movie forum. The point is the personally opinion and not the quarrelling between cineasts.

Is there a minimum length for a comment?

No. But comments like „It was bad“ will be deleted. Try to argument what was bad about the movie.

Is there a maximum length for a review?

No. But nobody will read a wall of text. Try to keep it short.

My review was deleted by an admin. Why?

You flamed one or more members of the film (such as the director or the

actor) or an author of older comments personally.

Or your comment was without content like „I approve my pervious speaker“

Or the goal of your review was only to start a flame war.

Or your comment makes no sense at all or is too long.